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All Channel for All Myanmar
All-Channel is a useful myanmar website offering free news in Myanmar, e-book, game, photo gallery, short story, myanamr model interview, star, start interview, short stories and movie for all myanmar people.
Comfort Shopping
Discount shopping for clothes, gift, houseware, beauty products, jewelry, kitchenware, electronic and more.
Dhamma Download
In this Web Site , you can freely download or listen on-line most of the Dhamma Talks which were given by Myanmar monks over the years. You will be able to learn about Buddha Psychology, Kama Sutta , Metta Sutta, vipassana, meditation, Paticcasamuppada, Buddhist Doctrine, Nibbana, Theravada in Myanmar and English languages.
Dear Dhamma friends,
We are some Burmese Buddhists living in San Francisco Bay Area, California, United States. We donate our time and other resources to produce and distribute Dhamma contents. We hope that it will benefit all the Buddhists from hearing Dhamma teaching by most venerable Sayadaws.
Digital videos, flash videos, video clips, streaming media, streaming video
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